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Retro web design, also known as nostalgia in web design, involves web development resulting in a website resembling typical websites of the 1990s. Many of the tools and innovations used today in the World Wide Web are eschewed in favour of static HTML. The result is a quite different user experience to many 2010s websites based on Web 2.0 related ideas and tools.

Elements of retro web designEdit

Retro web design may use animated GIFs, background images, banner ads, Web counters, scrolling marquee text, tables with borders, under construction[1] , MIDI files, realplayer etc.[2] The discovery of Javascript in the mid to late 1990s led to what was criticised as an excessive use of pop-up windows by some websites. It was entirely possible when accessing a webpage to be assailed with large numbers of popup (usually advertisment) windows.

Personal homepagesEdit

Before the rise of social networking sites, the standard way to announce yourself to the World Wide Web was to have a personal home page, perhaps on hosting sites like Geocities, Fortunecity and other similar sites. Since search engines of the day were not as sophisticated as now, many of these websites used web rings to associate different websites of related content.

Many popular social networking sites of today enforce a bland colour scheme on their users, which is not customisable. Although workarounds exist such as greasemonkey scripts, and some social networking and blog sites permit a degree of customisation, the user is arguably far more constrained than in the era when websites were built from scratch by entering HTML manually into a text editor or using one of the early WYSIWYG software tools.

Examples of retro web designEdit

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