This article documents various alterations made to Godhvos. In some online encyclopedias, people don't get the opportunity to learn from silly alterations other people have made with the misunderstandings they might have. Which user made the alteration and when is documented but not here.


There was some alteration mentioning "Ginsters" on the main made, perhaps whoever made it has never eaten a proper Cornish pasty. Although in Cornwall we just say "proper pasty", because we know pasties are already Cornish anyway.


Some alteration was made about the planned waste incinerator in St. Dennis implying that pasty wrappers cannot be recycled.

Speaking Welsh while eating a pastyEdit

"It sounds just like someone speaking Welsh with a mouthful of pasty." to the article on the Cornish language has been altered back.

I suggest that you find a person who can speak Welsh, and ask them to speak while eating a pasty, and see if they speak in intelligible Cornish. This is a testable prediction, which is a key part of the scientific method

I have made a small alteraction, which alters the way the Cornish language was started to be revived, it was started by someone, but which human person that was isn't the question I meant you to ask when I made the alteration.


"Seen in this context, along with the fact that Cornish pixies look a lot like Cumberland goblins, Cornwall is in the north." - What does a fact mean in the write about folklore. Please clarify.

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