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Godhvos is an "online encyclopedia" which anyone can alter. 'Godhvos is a word in the Celtic language of Cornwall, Kernewek, and means 'Knowledge'.

This Wiki specifically covers the subject of Cornwall and the Cornish people in a factual and honest manner. In doing so it is expected that recognition and respect for their long history and culture will be maintained.

A list of interesting alterations can be found here


Anyone subscribing to the above stated basis of 'knowledge' of this Wiki may contribute information to Godhvos or rephrase information written in Godhvos about Cornwal or the Cornish.

We keep old versions of articles in Godhvos in case anyone doesn't think the alterations people have made make the articles better than they were beforehand.

We ask that anyone who makes alterations to Godhvos be prepared to answer questions from people who may want to find out if the alterations made have improved Godhvos.

We also ask that if you copy information from anywhere else, especially from any other "online encyclopedias", make you read it and make sure you understand it first, and believe it to fit with this Wiki.

There's a slight problem with the way things are organised here at Godhvos at the moment. There are some parts of articles which are quite hard to see at the moment, including many of the citations. To find the citations, go in as if you were going to alter the article [which is done by clicking on a link marked "edit"] then there's an option marked "View source" - then you can see all the things that are actually written. This isn't very organised, there should be some Find feature in your web browser that might help you find what you're looking for.


Any sentences written into Godhvos should, be written by a person, which is the real reason why anyone joining Godhvos, is asked to write out the blurry word, it has nothing to do with tinned meat in any form.

After you join Godhvos, aim to write sentence grammatically correct in one of three Standard Forms of language of Godhvos, these being:

It doesn't mattter to me if it is exactly correct grammer, just that people reading Godhvos might be able to have some idea what sorts of alterations from the correct grammer you might have made.

Try to make sure that you don't write any sentence that is grammatically correct in more than one of the Standard Forms at the same time, if you have written a sentence that might be, try to rephrase it.

As a general rule, each article should use one of the forms of language only, and this may mean there is a separate article in a different form of language on the same topic, so people can read about it in the form of their choice. In shorter articles, different forms can be combined into the same article, although please separate different forms into different sections.

The founder of Godhvos has written that if you want to add any different languages from the ones that are written in the list above, you'd be better off starting your own Godhvos inspired "online encyclopedia", rather than altering this one.

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